Ian Cumming

Ian Cumming

Founder Ian Cumming is no longer involved with the Q&A website he started, Travellr.com, which is now 100% owned by World Nomads. Cumming says he left for new opportunities while World Nomads boss Simon Monk is hopeful of retaining Cumming’s “energy and enthusiasm around the World Nomads orbit”.

Monk says nurturing and growing Travellr.com has been a tough task task “particularly when every man and his dog is suddenly doing Q&A. However, we are still bullish about the opportunities for it, find it fits well within our Group strategy and have lots of interest from other partners.

Cumming says: “It wasn’t a case of leaving World Nomads but more that Travellr.com is now an established product. It’s fully integrated with the World Nomads platform and available to their partner network, which is what we set out to achieve.

“I feel that I made the right choice to choose World Nomads as an investor in the business – they are a global company that understands the value of innovation in the marketplace, and they took us (Travellr) on as a part of that strategy. I’m very proud of what we achieved in the two years since we initially launched in 2009.

“I’m looking at a few new ideas in online travel space and should have something to show in the next few months.”

Monk adds: “We have now structured responsibility such that Christina Tunnah, our VP of Sales in the US is responsible for sales into partners and I’m looking after the development pipeline,” Monk says. “We have a mobile app in Beta at the moment which is interesting in that you can carry your travel Q&A knowledge with you, even when you are offline.”

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