Travelport is claiming legal victory over American Airlines after a court in Texas dismissed all but one count of AA’s antitrust case against the distribution giant, which owns the Galileo GDS and Orbitz.

In a statement Travelport said the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas dismissed AA’s claims that:

(1) Travelport monopolizes distribution to travel agencies;

(2) Travelport entered into a conspiracy with travel agencies to monopolize distribution;

(3) Travelport’s agreements with airlines and travel agencies unlawfully restrain trade; and

(4) Travelport’s actions are illegal under Texas state law.  

The one claim the Court allowed to proceed for further factual analysis was that “Travelport monopolizes access to Travelport’s current travel agency subscriber base.

“Travelport is pleased that the Court recognized the meritless nature of most of the claims brought by AA and severely restricted the scope of AA’s remaining claim, which Travelport views as being wholly without merit,” the company said.

Meanwhile, the state antitrust litigation between American Airlines and Sabre Travel Network will be heard on June 13, 2012.


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