TripAdvisor Website’s New, Cleaner Look

TripAdvisor - new look screen grab June 6, 2017 (2)

TripAdvisor has cleaned up its act. The previously busy and cluttered site now features a sharper look pushing shopping (not reviewing) under the tagline: “Find the lowest price on the right hotel for you”.

Its also launched a range of new research tools:

  • “Best Value” Hotel Rankings: Based on a combination of traveller ratings, hotel rates, booking popularity, and the travellers’ own brand affinity and location.
  • “MyTrips” Itineraries: Allows users to build and save trips on the site, collaborate, share and easily sync the information across their devices.

TripAdvisor’s chief marketing officer Barbara Messing said much of the redesign was based on customer feedback.

There also no doubt TripAdvisor is also trying to improve its poor booking conversion rates.

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One thought on “TripAdvisor Website’s New, Cleaner Look”

  1. Yes, a new cleaner look that doesn’t work, not on my computer anyway, whereas the old site worked just fine. Tripadvisor is famed for its reviews, not as a booking site, and if they really wanted to boost bookings they should not have done so at the expense of the review section. They should also have tested the new site first, to make sure it worked on ALL popular devices.
    Probably some 20 year old kid in their IT Dept. fuc**d all this up. Idiots!

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