David Plouffe, UberUber lobbyist and former Obama staffer, David Plouffe, pictured, has this week been meeting with the state governments of NSW and Victoria in a bid to legalise the controversial but popular UberX riding sharing service.

Mr Plouffe told The Australian he believed with the right regulatory settings – ie those that favour his company and don’t cost too much – Uber could create 20,000 jobs across Australia by the end of this year.

“Our biggest concern  would be making it hard for drivers on the platform to make money,” he said.

“We are supportive of strong safety standards and strong insurance standards and smart licencing regimes where that is appropriate.”

CEO of the NSW Taxi Council, Roy Wakelin-King, said Uber should work within the existing framework, a system where taxi licences can cost almost $400,000 although prices are the weakest they’ve been in NSW since 2008 – thanks to Uber.

“This is just hollow rhetoric from a company that flouts regulations by paying the fines of its drivers who are breaking the law,” Mr Wakelin-King said.

“In terms of requirements for safety and insurance, they all exist today for taxis.

“Uber is just saying they don’t like those measures because they cost too much and therefore don’t fit in with their business case.”

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