uluruMemo Tourism Australia. You’ve got it all wrong. The people have spoken, their reviews analysed by a special TripAdvisor algorithm (hail the geeks) and it’s been determined that an underground home, a shopping arcade, an old prison and a couple of churches are among Australia’s top 10 landmarks – but not Uluru (Ayers Rock), which has been at the forefront of Australia’s tourism marketing since, well, forever.

How could they be so stupid to think this natural wonder in the dead heart of the continent – the initial image people see when they visit Australia.com – could be worthy of such promotion over the likes of Faye’s Underground Home in Coober Pedy or Melbourne’s Block Arcade.

The problem may well be that they weren’t using an algorithm, which TripAdvisor did.

“Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews for landmarks worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period,” TripAdvisor said.

But what about the actual reviews the algorithm analysed?

This is where it gets a little complicated – and subjective – because TripAdvisor doesn’t actually have a Landmark review category like it does for hotels, holiday rentals, restaurants and attractions.

In fact, search the term ‘landmark’ in TripAdvisor’s search box and Landmark search TripAdvisor 9.6.15you’ll get a bunch of hotels that have the term in their name.

So how does it determine the difference between an attractions and a landmark – for example, when did Faye’s Underground House cross that invisible line?

Who knows, anyway here are TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Travellers’ Choice Landmarks Australia

1. Sydney Opera House – Sydney, NSW
2. The Australian War Memorial – Canberra, ACT
3. Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, NSW
4. St Barnabas Church – Norfolk Island
5. Faye’s Underground Home – Coober Pedy, SA
6. Block Arcade – Melbourne, VIC
7. Penitentiary Chapel – Hobart, TAS
8. HMAS Sydney II Memorial – Sydney, NSW
9. Fremantle Prison – Fremantle, New York
10. Ubirr – Kakadu, NT

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