Travel technology and website specialist Dave Upton has never been busier. He says COVID – and the enforced downtime that comes with it – has caused many travel retail businesses to rethink the way they do business and invest heavily in their online website and distribution infrastructure.

Upton, who is based in Sydney,  says he has never been busier and that much of the fresh demand is coming from the United States rather than his home market of Australia.

So far this this year Upton and his small team at ITbyUS has built more than 1000 website and micro-sites, with many more in the pipeline.

“People who are on the ball are using the downtime to get ready for the uptime when it comes both here and in the US,” says Upton 

“What I’m finding is big consortia are really gearing up and this is where we are getting a lot of business.

“It’s slower in Australia than the US though. Australians are generally mindful that times are tough and may get worse so they wondering how they can best manage their finances.

“The view here is less optimistic than in the US. Australians are more health conscious than money conscious.

“In the US, they are getting on with business – there is definitely a different attitude there.”


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