Zuji Australia was once famously fee free but new owner Webjet has aggressively changed all that, imposing near market-high booking fees on transactions through the webiste.

In fact the only company that charges higher booking fees is Webjet.

The Zuji fees are $20 for domestic flights and $40 for trans-Tasman services and international fares. Zuji is also applying a $15 impost for package holidays.

Webjet imposes two types of charges per transaction.

There’s a Processing Fee (Domestic $19.95, Trans Tasman $22.95, International $29.95) and a mandatory Booking Price Guarantee (Domestic $12.95, Trans Tasman $14.95, International $21.95).

This means booking airfares through Webjet can cost consumers up to $51.90 in fees, not including credit card surcharges etc.

In the case of Zuji, Webjet appears to have exclusively targetted its Australian consumers for the new fee regime.

There is no mention of  flight booking fees on Zuji’s Singapore or Hong Kong websites.

The move is an about face for Zuji Australia, which made a bid deal about dropping its booking fees in 2009, ironically in a bid to erode Webjet’s market share.

But now Webjet owns Zuji, which it bought two months ago, things have changed.

PS: Webjet Managing Director John Gusicic and Chief Operating Officer Shelley Beasley were emailed for comment but have not responded.

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