Wedding Fever Sees London Hotel Rates Rise

Kate and WilliamPegasus Solutions is forecasting that London hotel revenue per booking will increase nearly 400% for the royal wedding weekend while length of stay has also dramatically increased compared with previous years. “The wedding has the makings of a windfall for London hotels,” said Mike Kistner, chief executive officer of Pegasus Solutions.

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One thought on “Wedding Fever Sees London Hotel Rates Rise”

  1. You can see live rates from the hotels near the Royal Wedding on the Royal Wedding HotelMap which connects live to each hotels own reservation system. I’m not sure if the story you present is accurate, seems as if there are normal’ish rates given that a major event is on and more availability than you would expect:

    I also have just received a promotion from for the Royal Wedding weekend which also supports the idea that there are still good deals to be got:

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