I love Treble Cone. It’s one of my favourite ski resorts anywhere, even though it has only two real chairlifts and is run on the smell of an oily rag. The place has great spirit, views and terrain.

But now the relationship is getting stretched all because of one small thing: they don’t have snow cams. Well, they did and then they pulled them and say they are being replaced but we’re already a few weeks into winter and isn’t this a job for summer anyway? 

What were they thinking? All this after they appointed a new manager, Tony Arnott, in May who said after his appointment he wants TC to be a premium resort with short lift queues. 

“At the moment we’re trying to figure out how we can deliver on that,” he said. Um, build a new lift or two Mr Arnott.  And while you’re at it sort out the snow cams. It’s the little things, right. 

But this is actually not a little thing. Snow cams are the best marketing tools a ski resort has.

They allow desk jockeys such as me to dream, to plan, to book. To become a customer. Without them it’s as if a ski resort doesn’t exist.

TC had 30cm of powder yesterday. Or so they say. Without a snow cam I’ll never know for sure.

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