Some quotes for your perusal from the recent No Vacancy Southeast Asia conference in Bangkok.

  • These islands are choking themselves.” Bill Barnett, C9 Hotelworks, on Bali and Phuket.
  • “When planning campaigns, think people not platforms.” Sonia Kapoor, Nielsen.
  • “Nothing much happens in Manila – it’s a boring stable market.” Sen Sun-Moon, Horwath.
  • “Text ads on mobiles have the lowest trust rates among SE Asian consumers at 28%.” Sonia Kapoor, Nielsen.
  • “Market Metrix did a study and found that recommendations and reviews are now driving more bookings than location or price.” Michelle Wohl, Revinate.
  • “I always worry about Google.” Rob Rosenstein, Agoda.
  • “Our business in Australia is growing in triple digits.” Dan Lynn, AirAsia Expedia.
  • “There’s massive hotel development throughout the whole archipelago.” Scott Blume, RajaKamar, on Indonesia.
  • “We’ve always been a little too late to other markets.” Craig Hewett, Wego, on his company’s early entry to Indonesia.
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