Wladimir Chagas, Senior Insights Analyst, Experian Hitwise

Wladimir Chagas is the Product Manager for the ANZ region of the Consumer Insights division of Experian.

Consumer Insights is a leading global provider of consumer research, online intelligence and audience insights that help changing the way brands understand their consumers by applying measurement science to connect consumer decisions, behaviours, attitudes and preferences.

Using proprietary analytic services, Wladimir previously managed a team of insights analyst responsible for delivering reports and insights tailored to specific business needs of marketers, publishers and advertising agencies.

He also conducted travel related webinars, produced regular reports on the online travel industry in Australia and was a speaker at the most recent TravelTech event in Auckland.

Before that, Wladimir worked at Experian Latin America with a range of marketing solutions including customer segmentation, e-mail marketing, data modelling, data enrichment and data cleansing.

He was also member of the IAB’s Measurement Council and the IAB’s Search Council in that region, contributing to the promotion of best practices in the digital marketing landscape.

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