Logo - Wotif, newThe tech revolution at Wotif  is now complete. New owner Expedia last Wednesday replaced the infamous pricing and availability matrix with a standard display.

It’s safe to say no tears were shed but it’s a significantly symbolic move – Wotif now lacks quirks and looks like any well-funded modern website.

No doubt it also works a whole lot better with the migration to the Expedia tech platform now complete.

The net result is that, combined with a fresh logo, Wotif’s whole look and feel is completely different.

Much cleaner and quieter. Cools greens.

And while some may be nostalgic about the matrix, it was actually an impediment to the company moving forward on the tech front and had to go.

Hopefully this is now the end of a process that began more than 18 months ago, well before Expedia bought the company.

Traditional Matrix display:

Wotif grid

New Display:

Wotif booking page 30.3.15

Home page, one year ago:

New home page:

Wotif home page 30.3.2015


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