Young adult travellersDemand for leisure travel is being driven by young adults aged 18-24 years old, according to a survey of 2567 Australians by, which found they are more likely than any other age group to have taken an international or domestic trip over the past two years.

The chance of them travelling overseas within the next year is also much higher with 83% saying that’s something they intend doing – “a finding that consistently diminishes across each age group (25-34 75%, 35-49 66%, 50+ 61%)”.

Logic suggests this trend will continue with the survey claiming the average age at which young Australians get their first passport has plummeted.

“Kids today, aged 17 years old and under, are receiving their first passport on average at two and a half years old; a stark contrast to the average adult who received their first passport at 17 years old,” Expedia said in a press release.

“Currently more than half of the nation’s youngsters aged 17 years and under  own a passport (54%), while only a third (33%) of parents owned a passport at this age, and nearly a quarter (24%) of 0-23 month old babies already hold  a passport.

“Geographically, urban travellers have five years on their rural counterparts, receiving their first passport on average at 15 years old, versus those from the country at 20 years old. ”

Georg Ruebensal, Managing Director Expedia Australia and New Zealand, said there’s no question cheaper, more accessible airfares are having a major impact on travel patterns.

“Our data shows international air ticket prices have been declining by approximately 20% over the last three years, driven by low cost carriers and increased competition,” he said.

“There is now more flexibility and choice than ever when planning and booking travel, and younger travellers are really taking advantage of this.”

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