Young Australians are anything but rebellious when it comes to travel with a new report showing their favourite destinations mirror those of their parents with UK/Ireland, the US and New Zealand their top choices, while Japan and Thailand are also popular.

“Both Gen Y’s and Boomers agree that they prefer quite out of the way places, at 40% and 42% respectively, but they rarely go off the beaten track and prefer to travel in comfort,”says  Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma) Travel Trends & Insights Report.

“Both rank sight-seeing and the opportunity to relax and unwind as key travel priorities.

“Although 77% of Generation Y’s say they like to experience new and exciting places, most who have travelled in the past year or intend to do so choose destinations with similar cultures and languages to our own.

“Their destination choices, in fact, mirror those of their Baby Boomer parents.”

Brian Hogan

Brian Hogan

emma Executive Director Brian Hogan commented: “The idea of the adventurous young Australian traveller seems to be just that – an idea rather than the reality with the destinations they choose very similar to their parents.

“Similarities in preferred travel destinations mean that the travel industry needs to consider types of travellers rather than make assumptions solely based on age groups.

“To attract adventurous travellers, destinations and travel-related brands need to convey novelty and adventure experiences within the more conventional and popular destinations.”

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