Backpacker Numbers to Australia Grow In Downturn

backpackerAMID the concern surrounding Australian domestic and inbound tourism has emerged an interesting and overlooked fact. Latest stats from Tourism Research Australia show the number of international travellers under the age of 30 (backpackers) is growing and now represent 32% of all visitors to Australia, up from 29% in 2007 to 1.6m last year. Most are coming from New Zealand (14%), the United Kingdom (11%) Japan (10%), the USA and China (both 7%). Korea, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, India and France are also well represented, while their average spend was A$5736. So why haven’t we heard more about them? Perhaps if present growth trends continue, we will.

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2 thoughts on “Backpacker Numbers to Australia Grow In Downturn”

  1. Why haven’t we heard of them? We have! And so have other countries’ tourism industries.

    It’s a common feeling in the international youth and student travel industry that Australia has one of the most developped and successful backpacker industries in the world. It is also supported by government bodies because they recognise how valuable it is to the tourism industry and the economy.

  2. Thank you Martin, finally someone with an key audience is talking UP our sector. We have known for sometime that youth (travellers and students) is punching hard for the inbound tourism industry but sometimes lack the vehicles to make that message known. Also thank you for an excellent ‘Search’ conference in Sydney recently, keep up the good work.

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