Frank Grasso, e-ChannelFrank Grasso founder of e-channel Search, has worked in search engine marketing since the early days of AltaVista and Lycos. Grasso started his search career in Melbourne, Australia in 1999, consulting to early adopters of search engine marketing where he developed a reputation in the APAC e-commerce industry for his outstanding work with travel and retail websites.

Grasso worked as a Search Engine Marketing consultant 2002, when he moved to Adelaide, South Australia to form e-channel Search. In 2005, Frank undertook his Masters in Marketing at the University of South Australia, whilst setting up a research and technology team and developing the multi award winning DynamicCreativeTM software.

Grasso now leads e-channel Search, which is one of Australia’s leading internet marketing agencies, servicing some of Australia’s largest travel, retail and classified websites. In 2010, e-channel expanded internationally, servicing Asia Pacific, the United States and Europe.

A featured writer with several leading industry on line publications, avid blogger and highly sought after speaker, Grasso is a regular presenter at both Australian and International conferences and expos.

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