Jetstar, The Do-It-Yourself Airline

Thing of the past?
Thing of the past?

NO human interaction until a passenger boards the aircraft. It sounds like the antithesis of good service but low cost carrier Jetstar claims not and today announced it is aiming for 100% domestic “customer self service” by automating all check-in through its website, via a new SMS service and at double the current number of  airport boarding kiosks.

CEO Bruce Buchanan said: “This is an extremely positive and exciting step that will greatly enhance customer service levels … empowering Jetstar flyers to use technology to take control of the airport experience.” Jetstar said around 50% of its check-in was now handled by machines, er, technology. Meanwhile, the International Air Transport Association claims 2009 was the “worst ever” for airlines.

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One thought on “Jetstar, The Do-It-Yourself Airline”

  1. Bwahahah.
    Why not get the Jest Star travellers to get out and push. That would empower them to take control of the ‘travel experience.’

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