Paul Fisher, Yahoo7, Total TravelWeb portal Yahoo7 is hunting for a new Head of Travel following the resignation of Paul Fisher, one of Australia’s most experienced online travel execs. Fisher has been with Yahoo7 since it acquired, in which he was a significant shareholder, last September. is a very deep site that makes its money from advertising with around 170,000 listings across a number of industry verticals. The sites are now in the process of being merged, a massive process that requires a huge amount of back end work. 

When TotalTravel was sold for a rumoured $20m, major shareholder Malcom Baker told the Australian Financial Review: “Now with the muscle that Yahoo7 and its owners can put behind us, we can overtake Wotif.” In other news,, which recently launched its Travel Agent Affiliate Program in Asia Pacific, has eliminated its change and cancellation fees on all flights, hotels, packages and car reservations. 

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