Qantas Turns Negative Into Positive As Unions Talk Tough

Qantas tails smallerNow that the dust (or volcanic ash) has settled, the trouble begins afresh for Qantas with its aircraft engineers threatening to strike just days before the school holidays (surprise, surprise). But, in a twist of fate, the mass grounding of flights by Qantas last week due to danger presented by the volcanic ash cloud could work for the airline and against the engineers by taking away their major PR weapon – claims of falling safety standards. Qantas management knows this and took out big ads today that read – “Because it’s always safety first. That’s why I fly Qantas. We’re hoping there will be no further delays due to the volcanic ash cloud. Thank you for supporting Qantas’ commitment to safety.” Round one to the bosses.

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One thought on “Qantas Turns Negative Into Positive As Unions Talk Tough”

  1. The grounding due to ash was a stunt a PR stunt. Yes they grounded their planes but they were willing to put their passengers on Air NZ flights flying in the same conditions same routes. Ask Rob Fyfe Air NZ CEO. I quote:
    “Alan Joyce sent an email to Qantas’ eight million frequent flyer customers trying to justify the decision by Qantas to ground many of its aircraft while all other airlines were flying and implying that airlines like Air NZ and Virgin Australia were operating unsafely,” Fyfe wrote. “What Alan failed to mention was that Qantas was very happy to transfer thousands of its customers onto Air NZ and other airlines’ services, which seems a strange thing to do for your customers if you have concerns about the safety of the airspace.”
    It is only round 1 to the bosses if you are blind to the facts.

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