Robyn’s career path is a great illustration that a non-conformist route can lead to business success. She says that the sum of her life’s experience along with an abundance of energy, passion, initiative and the courage to take a few risks, has provided her with the background and skills to enable her to fulfil her role within one of the world’s fastest growing travel companies.

Starting her adult life as a wife and mother at 19 led to the beginnings of her business life as she joined the forces of the self – employed running a small business, doing a milk run, to support the family. Having studied politcs and economics at university, being President of the Milk man’s union and lobbying to government seemed like a natural progression. Most importantly these first years of business experience taught her the fundamentals of business.

Having always had a passion for live theatre, Robyn returned to university to study drama and this led into a career in professional theatre. The challenges of promoting a show and getting “bums on seats”, sponsorship and funding taught her the basic of direct marketing and understanding consumer behaviour.

But it was when she and a friend decided to venture into travel running small group adventures in India that she found out, by doing the leg work, about the global travel business. It was during this venture that she met Darrell Wade, CEO and Founder of Intrepid Travel . When they met Intrepid was in its 4th year of business, having successfully carried around 400 passengers. (Intrepid expect to carry 100,000 passengers to points all over the globe in 2010.)

Over the next few years paths crossed and eventually Robyn was persuaded to move to Melbourne to work for Intrepid. It is probably no accident that this unconventional route has made Robyn a great fit with a company that is also very entrepreneurial. In addition to leading the global sales and marketing team Robyn is part of the exec management group at Intrepid PTY Ltd and sits on several boards of companies within the group.

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