Screaming Child Explodes Eardrum and Costs Qantas

Qantas has reached an out of court settlement in the US with a 67yo passenger who claimed a child’s ear-shattering scream on a flight from Alice Springs to Darwin rendered her deaf. AAP reports that Jean Barnard alleged the scream was so severe blood erupted from her ears and she was left “stone cold deaf”. Qantas lawyers said Barnard later wrote in an email to her travel agent: “I guess we are simply fortunate that my eardrum was exploding and I was swallowing blood. Had it not been for that, I would have dragged that kid out of his mother’s arms and stomped him to death. Then we would have an ‘international incident’.” Barnard claimed Qantas flight attendants should have controlled the child. Neither she or Qantas would comment on the settlement.

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2 thoughts on “Screaming Child Explodes Eardrum and Costs Qantas”

  1. OMG I cant believe that qantas paid her, Guess next time the flight attendants need to smother the child to make an OLD woman happy. Typical american thinks she can sue and win….guess she was right.

  2. I don’t know why the kid’s PARENTS weren’t the ones sued. Oh, I know: They didn’t have any dough.

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