Sean Sutherland Flight CentreSean Sutherland  is the global leader of Flight Centre Limited’s e-commerce business.
Sean began his career with Flight Centre in 1994  as a retail travel consultant in his native Australia.
Three years later, he  moved to Canada to establish the IT department for the company’s  North  America  business and in January 2004 he launched Canada’s online booking engine and e-commerce department. This was followed by a launch into the US market. 
In Canada , Sean was a member of the Canada e-Tourism Council, who’s mandate  was to debate and collaborate on how Canada’s travel and tourism organizations could leverage the internet, emerging technologies and new media platforms to better market and sell Canada as a tourism destination to the world.
After a highly successful 11 years in North America, Sean returned to Australia with his wife and three children  in August 2009  to take on the newly created role as Flight Centre Limited’s global  e-commerce leader. 

Outside of work , he enjoys mountain biking and recreational flying, holding a Commercial Pilot license from a previous career.

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