Logo - TRAVELtech Web Awards 2009 white 227 x 77THE 10th Anniversary Edition of TRAVELtech – Australia’s leading online travel distribution, technology and marketing event in Sydney on September 8 – marks the launch of the first-ever TRAVELtech Web Awards which feature: 

  •  TRAVELtech Website of The Year 2009 – Presented By Amadeus
  • TRAVELtech Top Ten Websites 2009

These websites will be chosen by an independent judging panel from a shortlist of 25 leading Australian websites across retail, air, car, hotel, accommodation, media, destination marketing, tours, activities, rail and cruising.


To qualify, the brains behind the website or business should be Australian or a foreign national working in this market. If based overseas, the business must have had its genesis in Australia with founding executives still playing an active role.

Ideally, a significant portion of website development and design work is done here in Australia. The main site focus must be informing, enabling or selling travel, either in Australia or overseas. The sites can be aimed at either a local or global audience.


Innovation (is the site, at the very least, moving with the times and wherever appropriate utilising things like social media and maps to interact and engage with their audience)

Design and Usability (does it looks good, is the theme carried throughout the site, can it be easily navigated, is there always a logical click pathway)

Meeting the Brief (Does this site achieve what it sets out to do, how well does it serve the target market – does it have a target market)

Speed and Build (Do things happen quickly with no waiting around for images or information to download, does the site feel robust, well-built)

Content (Does the site have good content, it is well laid and authoritative, are images used well both to inspire and educate, is there too little/too much)


Judges will spend at least 10 minutes exploring each site, clicking as many links as possible. They will quickly use the booking engine if there is one, and always check out the site’s core offer. Do you want to stay or leave? They will go with gut feel, but give all sites a fair go.


  • First past the post principal
  • Each category is worth a maximum 10 points
  • A score of 1 to 10 will be awarded for each category
  • Scores from each category will added together and a mark out of 50 awarded
  •  The website with the highest score is TRAVELtech Website of the Year
  • Gongs also awarded to TRAVELtech Top Ten Website(s)
  • In the event of a tie the judges will confer and make a call
  • Public votes taken into account if appropriate


 The winners will be announced at TRAVELtech in Sydney on September 8 and posted the following day on www.traveltrends.biz. The judges’ decision will be final.


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