Wotif vows its new-found passion for television and brand advertising is no casual fling, more a long-term relationship as Australia’s original hotel booking site transforms into ‘The Home of Holidays’.

“You’ll be seeing a lot of us in 2016,” says Amanda Behre, Director, Brand & Marketing, Wotif Group.

It marks a change of direction and philosphy for the site, which has now been under Expedia ownership for more than a year.

The first step was shifting Wotif and its products onto the Expedia platform.

Phase two is all about the brand with the new marketing campaign launched last October.

There was a burst over Christmas/New Year, a brief lull, and now the TV ads are back in prime-time.

“We have a commitment to push the brand, which had been latent for a while,” Ms Behre says.

“Absolutely TV, PR and social media. Radio is also something else we’ll push out.”

So what impact has the extra advertising had on bookings?

Ms Behre deflected the question said the main goal is to “make sure people are aware that Wotif sells holidays.”

And on that basis she says they are succeeding.

“We did a lot of stabilising in 2015, while we are future-proofing the brand in 2016 and increasing the awareness of Australian customers.”

She also referred to some recent research from Roy Morgan, which shows Wotif as the third most popular choice of travel agent or online retailer for Australians aged 14+ who went on a holiday last year.


It was narrowly ahead of its old rival Webjet but trailing Flight Centre and Booking.com.

This is the same position it occupied in a Roy Morgan survey released last August but with greater market share, as is the case with all of the leading sites.


It’s interesting to note that at one time Wotif, a former #1, is now happy to be #3.

Yet they’re still on the podium and not about to get off.

“We’ve got some great heritage and history, a local point of view.”

Now the time has come to make it count.

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