Where The Bloody Hell Are You? Domestic Invisibility

What a tragic effort from domestic tourism marketers on the weekend. There were just six domestic travel ads placed in New Limited ‘Escape’ travel section – which serves most major Australian cities – compared with more than 40 for outbound products. No wonder international travel is booming and domestic is flat.

A lot of the overseas stuff was big, the domestic ads small with the exception of a full page for Mantra. There wasn’t a single ad for any of the regions complaining about poor visitor numbers. Sure, the Sunday papers are expensive but apparently they still work for some. Count the ads. Get some profile.

The point here is that domestic tourism cannot keep complaining about how tough things until industry leaders get their act together when it comes to marketing, which is at the very heart of every successful travel business. Just look at Flight Centre.

Kudos to the following domestic operators  which saw the sense in marketing their product over the weekend: Mantra, AAT Kings, APTouring, Evergreen Tours, Britz and Qantas Holidays.


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2 thoughts on “Where The Bloody Hell Are You? Domestic Invisibility”

  1. It’s a bit of a stretch to say that domestic is flat because they’re not advertising in newspapers. In tight times, maybe they’re looking at more cost-effective advertising. In any case, in a broader context, newspapers are shedding advertisers for a reason. And right now, the outbound crowd have the budgets to spend. I’d like to see what happens when times get tight for them too.

  2. Interesting, but as a small accommodation provider I cannot afford to be in the newspaper. I prefer to invest my dollars in online marketing, a great website, and on improving my customer service. Works for me.

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