is the world’s most popular travel website, receiving more than 4 billion combined mobile and desktop visits in the year to May 31, according to SimilarWeb, edging out TripAdvisor.

“ has one domain, while Trip Advisor uses several local domains,”says SimilarWeb.

“Even when combining the top 10 domains, Trip Advisor still only reaches 3.5 billion visits compared to who had over 4 billion.”

Paid search is a major driver of’s traffic.

“During August 2015 for example, received 39,803,000 worldwide desktop visits from Paid Search, their highest total of the last 12 months.

“Of these paid search visits, 27% came via the term ‘booking’ which is both generic and branded to

“After ‘booking’ the next 3 most popular paid search terms of August were ‘’ ‘booking com’ and ‘букинг’ which is the Russian transliteration of booking.”

SimilarWeb says its data comes a panel of monitored devices, internet service providers (ISPs) located in many different countries, web crawlers that scan every public website, hundreds of thousands of direct measurement sources.

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