Sam Friend, Travel CandyTravel deals site TravelCandy, launched in late 2010,  has closed. Founder Sam Friend said: “I’ve scaled it right back and we are not doing any more deals. It’s disappointing but we gave it a good shot.” Friend said TravelCandy, marketed as a members only travel club, could not attain the scale to make it viable, growing its database to just 5000.

He said while a recent three month trial of marketing through the Stayz Group database was moderately successful, it was not the game changer TravelCandy needed. “I think group buying is pretty tough unless you have the support of a cornerstone media partner or a massive database you’ve already built.”

The former CFO of also admitted that he “probably didn’t expect it to get as competitive  as quickly as it did.” Friend, who describes himself as a professional entrepreneur, will take a break from business and stay busy at home for the present with the recent birth of a new child keeping him busy.

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