Logo - Tourism NZHmm, not sure about Newzealand.com, the re-launched Tourism New Zealand site, though do respect the thinking behind it, which seems to be “we will build a website unlike any other”. However, in so doing, Tourism NZ has turned its back on basic usability ignoring the design truth that many things on the web are the way they are because they, um, work. As a result, my first impression of “funky” was quickly followed by “whoa, this is clunky”.

The site is slow and difficult to navigate, starting with an image rich home page that’s the deepest I’ve ever seen. It took 65 painful seconds to scroll from top to bottom. I also thought the accommodation option was ordinary. No booking engine (why not?) just a lot of filtering questions about what you’re looking for with a lamentably low priority given to location. Then the results appear random and in the couple I tried linked through to the property website rather than offering live booking.

I investigated a few other options such as “Getting here” but grew frustrated that the information I wanted did not seem to be immediately available. There was always another click, another page to load, and another 15 seconds to wait. In this time-poor world, Newzealand.com looks good at first glance but ultimately misses the mark. It’s unquestionably a website designed by a committee, albeit a groovy one.

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