Cruise Ships Sydney HarbourThe people at Roy Morgan Research will no doubt think again before conducting a survey on an industry – in this case cruising – after getting slammed by lobby group CLIA Australia this week.

The problem was a Roy Morgan poll said cruising is nowhere near as popular as CLIA Australia says.

“If Roy Morgan Research had done its own research before issuing its report on cruise holidays, it would have discovered that the cruise industry already compiles its own statistics,” CLIA Australia GM Brett Jardine told Cruise Weekly.

“CLIA’s figures are taken direct from cruise lines and provide detailed and accurate information; Roy Morgan Research appears to have based its finding on a survey of around 10,000 Australians, extrapolating the results to make a series of inaccurate claims.”

The big error, according to CLIA, is Roy Morgan’s claim that 480,000 Australians took a cruise of three nights or more in 2013/14 whereas CLIA’s most recent stats, for the 2013 calendar year, puts the annual cruising figure at 758,000.

And the lesson in all of this – do your research before you do your research.

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