Navataire Virtual Reality - Seatmap ExploreWe hear a lot about virtual reality these days. Here’s an insight into what it looks like when applied to a travel booking as envisaged by Justin Wilde, a user experience designer at Navitaire.

Wilde took four months to turn his dream into (virtual) reality and made the first booking on the search and booking web application late last December.

“I see a future in which the internet will be a 3D experience, and everyone will have their own portable 3D headsets,” says Wilde.

“This will be a much more natural experience for us, because the world we live in has three dimensions.

“I think technology, and the way we design user experience online should reflect that too,” says Wilde.

The application has a patent pending and there are no timeline on when, or indeed, consumers and travel agents will be able to shop this way.

Navitaire is a travel technology company now owned by Amadeus.

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